Hey there, great to see you here!

I’m Addison. 

It’s great you’ve stopped by! 

My life’s journey has been complex, but let’s keep it simple. Here’s the short story:

Daddy to Finnian-Arlo & Theodore-Warner.
Husband to Darling Toria.
World Traveler. 138 Countries.
Texas A&M University.
Saint Petersburg State University, Russia.
University of the West of England. 
Lover of Languages & Culture.
Owner of Reliant Destinations: MyCaribbeanLuxury.com 
Foodie & Chef.
Former Restaurant Owner.
Interior Design Aficionado.
Perpetual Entrepreneur. 
Lifelong Optimist. 

Whether we met through business, are personal friends, or are just dropping by, I’m glad our paths in life have crossed!

“When setting out on a journey, do not seek advice from someone who never left home.” ~ Rumi


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